Commercial Wholesale Fuels

Each year, over 225,000,000 commercial vehicles travel the highways of our country, transporting everything from oranges to heavy industrial equipment. Buckeye Energy Services and its predecessors have been continuously serving freight lines and company fleets in its service territory with the highest quality fuels

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Wholesale Fuels:

  • Direct access to Philadelphia, New York & Gulf Coast supply via Buckeye, Laurel, Sunoco and Colonial Pipelines
  • Throughput and exchange relationships providing multiple supply locations throughout the Northeast, Midatlantic and Southwest
  • Creative Risk Management Programs that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Some examples of existing programs include:
    • Firm Fixed
    • Firm Fixed with Downside Protection
    • Long-Term Fixed Price
    • Short-Term Fixed Price
    • Caps and Collars
    • Index Pricing

Wholesale Propane:

Our Wholesale Propane division at our Macungie, PA terminal provides:

  • Railcar supply, improving our control of supply and inventory
  • 360,000 gallons of storage on site
  • Metered, high speed pumps
  • Printed bill of ladings
  • 24 hour cardlock access
  • Fixed Price Contracts
  • Opis plus pricing
  • State of the Art safety controls

For more information please contact

Rod Derstine
Vice President – Marketing & Distribution
(484) 232-4664
[email protected]
ICE ID: rderstine

Quincy Longacre
Director, Marketing & Distribution
(484) 232-4665
[email protected]
ICE ID: qlongacre

Rick Stefanelli
Sales Representative
[email protected]

Serving the following Terminal Locations:- Springfield, Groton, Wethersfield, Albany, Rensselaer, Marcy, Utica, Brewerton, Roseton, Bronx, Newark, Raritan Bay

Bob Harbison
Sales Representative
[email protected]

Serving the following Terminal Locations:- Vestal, Dupont, Macungie, Fullerton, Sinking Spring, Tuckerton, Malvern, Pennsauken, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton

Jim Kirchner
Sales Representative
[email protected]

Serving the following Terminal Locations:- Buffalo, Rochester, Williamsport, Northumberland, Altoona, Mechanicsburg, Highspire

Darla Sharp
Sr. Customer Services Representative
[email protected]

Linda Friday
Customer Services Representative
[email protected]

Tracy Klingman
Transportation Coordinator
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Denise Newborg
Transportation Coordinator
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